From April 18 to 23 the Triennale in Milan has hosted the great return of a brand which has marked the history of Italian design and electronics: BRIONVEGA.
After years of silence and several business difficulties, BRIONVEGA reproposes itself to the general public with the TV WITH LOVE exhibition, thanks to Super//Fluo SpA, the new owner which intends to give the brand the prestige and the position it deserves.

TV WITH LOVE, exhibition event, has paid homage to the glorious past of Brionvega by kicking off a new, bright age in a place, the Triennale, which not only sets the standard for Italian design, but which also is the same scenario that nearly half a century ago hosted the introduction of the first products of the brand.

Following this leitmotiv, the journey in the history of the brand has been told and seen through panels which depicted its important stages from 1945 to the tribute which today Super//Fluo pays to the historic designers Sapper-Zanuso.
Thus, the creations symbols of Brionvega come to life again in limited and numbered editions: Algol and Doney, designed for the enthusiasts of the brand and for the lovers of absolute design.

TV WITH LOVE has revived the memories and, introducing Alpha, it has affirmed its intention of being once again the protagonist of design and electronics on the world scene.

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